Rick has been practicing yoga since 1998.  He was first introduced to yoga as part of his rehabilitation from a sports injury and immediately felt the benefits of yoga.  His strength and flexibility improved rapidly, but even more important, was the stress reduction and mental focus that he was able to attain.   Since that time, Rick has practiced in various studios and studied numerous schools of yoga including Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Anusara Yoga, and many other Hatha Yoga inspired classes.  In 2009, he was asked to become a teacher and proceeded to attain his Fitour® teaching certification as an Advanced Yoga Instructor.  In classes, Rick teaches the importance of letting go of your expectations, while accepting the challenges your body presents to you.  He believes that yoga is not about the poses themselves, but is truly about the process of attaining your pose and doing it well.  Enjoy the journey.