RYT 200

Robin has been a psychotherapist and substance abuse counselor for 28 years, as well a competitive runner, and former Dance Aerobics instructor.  She began practicing yoga 9 years ago due to a trauma in her life.  Robin found the practice of yoga, particularly learning yoga philosophy, so helpful in coping with the trauma.  This inspired her to become certified to teach in 2015 to share the power and benefits of a consistent yoga practice with others.  International teachers who teach this Integrative model of yoga such as Bo Forbes, Richard Miller, and Judith Lassater have made a profound impact on her teaching.  She also recently completed Level One Reiki Master training.  Robin's weaving of yoga philosophy and mind/body/spirit psychology into her yoga classes will give students a complete experience that they can take with them off of the mat into their daily life—and that is where yoga begins to transform you.